The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) expects to grant conditional licences by the end of the year for the growing and processing of ganja for medicinal and therapeutic purposes and research and development.

Chairman of the CLA Board, Hyacinth Lightbourne, told JIS News that the entity has received 89 applications.

Of the number, 25 are for cultivating ganja, 18 for processing, 14 are for research and development, eight for transporting, and the remainder are for retailing.

The applications are now being processed. “After all the paperwork has been submitted, we have to evaluate the information given as well as conduct a thorough background check on the applicants,” Lightbourne pointed out.

The CLA consults with key partners and agencies such as the Financial Investigations Division, Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency , Ministry of National Security, among others, in order to do effective verification and due diligence.

Lightbourne said the granting of conditional approval means that the CLA would have conducted a satisfactory background check and the applicant is then required to implement the necessary measures to get the actual licence to enter the industry.

“We understand that not everyone will be able to invest in some of the basic requirements, such as infrastructure, closed-circuit television or even tell if they have the full financial support from a lending institution, prior to knowing if they are qualified. So once the checks are complete, the CLA gives the conditional licence,” she pointed out.

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