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Hawaii has had a medical marijuana program for 15 years. But now, stricter regulations are being thrown on the program.

In Hawaii, edibles, accessories, vape pens and pre-rolls are not permitted. Dispensaries are not even permitted to sell rolling papers or cones. Advertising is also not permitted. Hawaii is considered to be a national leader in producing high-grade marijuana, according to a report by Forbes.

The program will place further restrictions on the business end of dispensaries. Those with approved licenses can have two dispensary locations and two production facilities. Retail stores cannot be at the same location as the production facility.

Going further, the program gets territorial. Hawaii does not allow a wholesale market. So medical marijuana grown on a particular island, has to stay on that island.

Additional dispensary regulations:

Hawaiian medical marijuana is grown outdoors, and land that is not near schools or other restricted entities is designated for an open growing system. Agricultural production has to be approved on the requested land for the grow to be legal.