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Maintaining a Strong Relationship with Your Doctor

With two medical cannabis dispensaries now open, and more anticipated to open in the near future, Hawaii’s registered patients must carefully weigh information on potency and efficacy of medical cannabis products. Obtaining accurate information and knowing who to turn to for answers may be a challenge for patients. Make Your Doctor Your Go-To Source for Medical Cannabis Advice The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) continues to make patient safety a top priority, and encourages patients to always confer with their physician on questions relating to their medical condition and the best treatment options including decisions on the most appropriate use of medical cannabis, according to Peter Whiticar, Chief of DOH’s Harm Reduction Services Branch. “Physicians should be the first ones that patients turn to for help,” Peter said. “Your doctor knows your medical history and can help you understand how medical cannabis can affect you.” Peter noted that physicians do not write medical cannabis prescriptions, and many patients are left to make their own decisions on dosages or in consultation with “budtenders” at the medical cannabis dispensaries. Some dispensaries have pharmacists on staff, while others do not. DOH does not certify these dispensary employees and training is the responsibility of the dispensaries until a certification process is in place.

Please be advised that your new 329 card does not become valid until your previous 329 card expires. Only one (1) 329 card will be valid at any given time. This may affect entry into a dispensary. Please use your previous 329 card at dispensaries until it expires. Your new 329 registration card will automatically activate once the previous one expires. If you have any questions or concerns please email:

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