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We added a few notes below to help with your show prep.

The Show Format

All shows are recorded live and recorded for future broadcast. The format is fairly open with few time constraints. We’ll keep dialing in the details with your feedback.

We do audio and video meetings via zoom, google meet and we publish the shows at HawaiiCannabis.org.

News or sponsor interstitials vary depending on length of show. The show usually runs 30 minutes with two breaks at 00:10:00 and 00:20:00. 

We are seeking patient-friendly businesses, groups, organizations and individuals interested in sponsoring the show. Send us a note: support@nullhawaiicannabis.org

Preparing For Your Interview

We respect your time. So please let us know of any hard stops in your schedule. If you’ll be speaking via phone, we will need to do a test recording prior to the interview to help ensure quality.

Be sure your battery is fully charged for any devices you may be using during the show.

Turn off pagers, phones etc. during the show.

Be sure the host knows how to pronounce your name and the name of your business or practice.

Be prepared to clearly state your qualifications and intention in being on the show. Listeners like to hear “Why you do what you do” and what qualifies you to answer questions.

Know that listeners will take your advice. So it’s important to be clear in your qualifications that you are or are not an expert or licensed professional in areas that you are not.

A few typical questions that get asked by the host regularly include:

What makes you uniquely qualified to discuss this topic?

How and why did you get involved or started in your field or area of expertise?

What Cannabis related topics do you find most interesting aside from your specific area of expertise?

Recommendations… What you recommend in certain situations. Prepare any recommendations you might want to share during your interview.

One crazy but true fact about you or that you have witnessed.

How can persons interested in learning more about your product, service, business, group or organization or department. 

How has Cannabis served you personally and or professionally?

Do you grow? Do you produce medicine?

Are you a caregiver for a patient? Are you compliant? 

Working towards compliance, staying compliant? 

Who do you know that might also make a great guest for the show?

If you’re ready to schedule an interview, please fill out the form.

We are honored to have you as a guest on the show. It is with great respect and admiration that we have the privilege to share your manao with our audience. We are all grateful for you and your participation.

Opening Monologue

“Aloha and welcome to Hawaiʻi Cannabis LIFE, I’m ____________________ and I’ll be your host today as we explore the Cannabis issues that matter most to Hawaiʻi. 

We’re here to elevate our consciousness and share our Cannabis experiences.   We invite everyone with a relationship to this fun, sacred, healing and life saving plant to join us. Each recording features a guest to inspire, educate, and provide the wisdom to help us all succeed with Cannabis. So let’s get started.”


About Guest Hosts

Guests hosts are invited to conduct interviews within the existing format. Guest hosts are asked to stay focused on the guest by asking questions. Discussion will be conducted prior to the day of the interview so intentions and expectations between the guest and the guest host are understood.

Rescheduling Criteria

Smooth scheduling is easy and affordable for everyone. When scheduling goes wrong, it can cost everyone time and money and inconvenience viewers. So please, carefully choose a time based on your needs. 

It is possible to reschedule a week in advance. A few days in advance is considered a cancellation. Cancellations suck. So please be sure to know your availability. Choose a time and day carefully and copy the information over to your calendar. Do not forget your show time. Be early. Being late is a cancellation.  

Sometimes scheduling is so easy, we forget how important dates and times are to running a smooth show.  Mahalo nui!

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