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Time to get ready. Be prepared. Read on.

Once your date and time are confirmed to be on the show start preparing.

  • We auto-generate emails with links and additional information. Be sure to whitelist or mark important our email address: support@nullhawaiicannabis.org
  • As a guest of the show you will likely receive offers from other podcasters seeking to interview you. This is part of the value of participating in the show. Be prepared to share your social or email contact information.
  • Listen to two recent episodes of the show before your schedule time to appear.
  • Prepare a few frequently asked questions that you would like to answer. Ultimately it will be up to the show host to ask the questions. Do have your wish list of talking points ready in the event that you have the opportunity to drive the direction of the conversation. Be prepared to promote your product or service. What action would you like our listeners to take as a result of hearing you and your message.
  • Be clear on the audience demographics (who listens to this podcast) before you begin so you can be clear in your thinking and delivery. If you’re unsure, ask the host this question before you record.
  • Mention to the show host in advance any questions or topics that you cannot answer.

Test your audio:

Test your video:

  • Become familiar with the controls of the podcast platform. Know how to share your screen for example if you have any images or slides you want to share.

Day of the show…

  • Login to the podcast url (see confirmation email) at least 15 minutes prior to call to trouble shoot any unforeseen technology issues. Send a txt to the show host (801-896-7656) to let them know you are present.

Here’s a few resources to learn how to be a great podcast guest:


How to Be a Great Podcast Guest {Checklist}

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