Hawaii Cannabis Farm Tours

Hawaii Cannabis Farm Tours

Hawaii Cannabis Farm Tours are safe, fun, and educational. Hawaiʻi Island is a great place to visit and you are going to love sharing time with local growers at local grow sites. These licensed Medical Cannabis gardens and farms are the source of so much healing and joy around the world. We want to share […]

Mold Resistant Strains

Most Resistant Strains

MoldResistantStrains.com provides valuable information to growers dealing with mold problems in their crops. Visit the Mold Resistant Strains website to see a list of seed strains that grow well outdoors for us on the Big Island. On the blog we examine the causes of mold/mildew outbreaks on cannabis and offer our tips as solutions. Contact:Jared CoxMold Resistant […]


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I am a Master Grower with 28 years experience. I have been a Caregiver for 12  years as well. Contact: Kevin 420instructor Pawaii Place 8087852631 kevinleopard96@nullgmail.com