The “No on 2” campaign is extremely concerned about the incident and is urging all counties to be proactive in order to ensure a legitimate election and furthermore urging State Attorneys across the state of Florida to investigate forms submitted by United for Care. “And frankly, I’m absolutely disgusted by Yes on 2’s blatant attempt to betray the legitimacy of our democratic process”.

A Broward judge ruled Friday morning that the county’s elections office has already taken appropriate steps to rectify the problem of a few ballots that omitted the medical marijuana amendment. Advocates for Amendment 2 believe the loopholes has been closed and is trying again in front of a broader general election electorate.

Norm Kent, attorney for NORML, argued that any ballot missing the amendment could jeopardize the measure’s chances for success.

Amendment 2 asks Florida residents to approve marijuana for medical purposes.

According to The Miami Herald, Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips issued the order shortly before noon, Friday.

The plaintiff, the Florida chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), asked the court that Snipes’ office inform voters via signs or notices at polling places that Amendment 2 is indeed on the ballot. A second Plantation resident has already been cleared to receive a new ballot, Snipes said.

“The court’s decision regrettably focuses only on those defective ballots we know about, that the defendant had to the opportunity to cure”, Kent said.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes also testified, saying that her office takes these claims very seriously.

However, Phillips denied this motion.

A similar ballot proposal failed in 2014, when it received 58 percent of the vote. Re-written to address exact ailments permissible for treatment by marijuana, the amendment has polled as high as 73 percent approval.

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