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Dayton, Ohio – Medical marijuana is now the law in Ohio but parents with sick children, especially those suffering from debilitating seizures, said they were frustrated because it may still take up to two years before they have access to the drug.

Lindsay Sandlin was just 9-years-old when her parents started pushing for the passage of Ohio’s medical marijuana law. Now Lindsay is 12. Her mom Katie said she was doing well and was a happy kid but Lindsay was still non-verbal and suffers up to six seizures a week due to a genetic condition called Dravet syndrome.

Katie was happy Ohio legislators finally passed a new medical marijuana law but was frustrated because nothing was in place. There were no marijuana growers, no dispensaries and no Ohio physicians certified to recommend the drug to patients.

“There’s a lot of gray areas and a lot of things that need to happen from today until we can give Lindsay medical marijuana,” Katie said.

While the law does give Ohioans the opportunity to use an “affirmative defense” if they run into legal trouble for using medical marijuana before the program was fully operational, Katie feared taking that chance.

“We don’t want her possibly taken away from us, so it’s not something we are willing to chance still until the program is foolproof and a little safer feeling to us.”

Many children, like Lindsay, have experienced dramatic results with medical marijuana such as a reduction in seizures, as well as improved cognition and verbal skills.

“I can’t say that I know it would help Lindsay but I know she deserves to have access to it,” Katie said.


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