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Hosted by: Attorney Michael Komorn                                           
Tonight’s Topic Making the Medical Case for Re-legalization in Michigan Special Guest: (The Evidence to Support Re-Legalization)
Exhibit A-  Bob Redden –Tortured by the so called Criminal Justice System,
Exhibit B-Charmie Gholson
The Midwest Cultivator. staff writer for LEAP, Communication Director for Committee for a Safer Michigan in the ballot initiative to repeal marijuana prohibition for adults 21 and older.
He is a former police chaplain that has done grief counseling, and has become a big proponent of medical marijuana after seeing the effects of opioid abuse in police ranks during their counseling.
Exhibit D- Lawrence Smith retired police officer,  Vietnam Veteran,  patient and an honest behind the scenes view into Law Enforcement and Cannabis.
Your host: Attorney Michael Komorn of KomornLaw