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Special guest: Rick Thompson 4m Magazine
Unwelcome Intervention By Attorney General in Chesterfield Twp and all over Michigan. This show discusses Bill Schuette’s wicked obsession with Medical Marihuana Patients.
In the second half of the show, a fascinating discussion with Carl Olsen, MM activist from Iowa, working to get marijuana removed from pharmaceutical drug schedule 1.
Tonight’s Show is sponsored by: The Michigan Medical Marihuana Association with Special Thanks to Joe Cain, and Komorn Law (800) 656-3557.
Regretfully, None of the content of from this show or any other show should be considered legal advice, and is merely at times the opinion of lawyer. Please do not rely upon anything said in this show or any other show to believe what I say will protect you from an arrest, or prosecution or other penalty. Michael A. Komorn Attorney and Counselor 18006563557