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Dr. Bronner’s, a Vista, Calif.-based natural and organic body care products company known for its hemp-based soaps, has pledged to contribute upward of $660,000 to marijuana legalization campaigns in five states.

Dr. Bronner’s plans to partner with organizations such as New Approach and the Marijuana Policy Project and to make financial contributions to legalization campaigns in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, which are voting on recreational marijuana measures this November.

“The expected sweep of these states will exert enormous pressure on federal lawmakers to end the racist outdated policy of cannabis prohibition, that shreds productive citizens’ lives and families for no good reason, and focus law enforcement resources instead on actual crime,” officials for Dr. Bronner’s said in an announcement released Monday.

“Cannabis reform” was one of three commitments outlined by Dr. Bronner’s officials following a move to leave the Organic Trade Association.

David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s CEO (cosmic engagement officer, recently wrote a column in the Huffington Post taking a stance against the OTA’s actions on genetic modified organism ingredient labeling.