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By William Hyde

Religious clergy are known for offering guidance through life’s struggles, but have you ever had a rabbi recommend cannabis? At Takoma Wellness Center in Washington, D.C., Rabbi Jeffery Kahn and his family are dedicated to forwarding the idea of cannabis as medicine. After seeing a family member struggle with multiple sclerosis for years with cannabis being the only form of relief, Rabbi Kahn and his family felt compelled to share the the power of medical marijuana with their community.

Where to Find Them

Takoma Wellness Center sits just north of the heart of the District of Columbia along the Maryland border. Its convenient location is less than a block from the Takoma Metro Stop, easily accessed by the Red Line.

Their Philosophy

Takoma Wellness Center has established itself as a neighborhood business and an active member of the local community.

“We’ve seen a lot of dispensaries, and a lot of them wouldn’t be the kind of places that people in their 70s, one of them in a wheelchair, would necessarily feel comfortable coming [to]. We wanted to have a place [where] people like them would feel very comfortable. [They] would know that they are coming to a place where we took seriously the issue of cannabis being medicine and that we could help find the way that it could help them.” – Rabbi Jeffery Kahn, Owner

Why We Love Them

Aside from its family and community values, Takoma Wellness Center is pushing forward the constructs of legal cannabis throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The location offers friendly, comfortable access to medicinal cannabis and looks to educate all of its patient and arm them with the ability to make informed decisions about the ways to incorporate cannabis into their wellness routine.

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Image Source: Takoma Wellness Center via Facebook

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