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Don’t let the weather hold you back! Get out and about this month with these perfect on-the-go accessories.

1. Cannabis-Themed Apparel from Rasta Empire 

Looking to outfit yourself in some new cannabis-themed threads? RastaEmpire.com is having an enormous clearance sale on a large majority of their apparel. Whether you’re looking for cannabis print socks, hoodies, tank tops, bathing suits, or even shoes, this sale features it all!

The site even has wallets and other accessories marked down at very reasonable prices. This sale is a perfect opportunity to stock your wardrobe for the new year. For those who love offseason price drops, check out the collection of summer wear, as these are some of the best markdowns on the site!

2. Funk Fighter Backpack from Horticulture Source

Funk Fighter Backpack from Horticulture Source

If you plan on taking your cannabis essentials with you while you’re out and about, you might want to consider picking yourself up an odorless bag such as the The Funk Fighter Backpack offered at HorticultureSource.com. This odor-eliminating backpack is outfitted with carbon fiber to keep unwanted odors suppressed. Whether you ‘e traveling with discretion or trying to keep the integrity of that fresh new car scent in your ride, this backpack should do the trick.

Measuring at 13.5” x 7×5” x 20” with four separate compartments, you’ll have plenty of storage room for your 420 traveling essentials. At an over 40% discount, this is one deal you’ll want to jump on quick!

3. Drawstring Soft Cases from Smokin Js

Drawstring Soft Cases from Smokin Js

Pipes need protection, too! Especially for out-of-the-house excursions. One of the best ways to keep your small glass pieces safe on the go is to stuff them into a soft case. SmokinJs.com has a sweet deal on 4” drawstring soft pouches, the perfect companion to your small spoon pipe, steamroller, or dab rig. There are a handful of colors and patterns to choose from, and if you purchase one from Smokin Js, they’ll take another 20% off the already heavily marked down price.

If the 4” variety isn’t quite big enough for your travel piece, check out some of their other bags available for equally great prices.