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With a plethora of pipes on the market, where can one go to find the perfect design that speaks to one’s love for the animal kingdom? Below is a list of handy animal-inspired glass pipes ranging from creatures of the sea to those in the air and a bit of something in-between. Provided for each pipe is our recommended strain meant to complement each animal design.



For the avid elephant lover, this rose gold pipe suits any fan. The trunk is used as a mouthpiece, and milky clouds of smoke billowing about will be a soft nod to the White Elephant hybrid strain we recommend as a logical pairing.

$36.10 on Smoke-Nut



The hummingbird heart beats over 1,200 times per minute, so the hummingbird pipe is the perfect homage to avid sativa consumers. Pair this pipe with the sativa Bird’s Eye to really pull in an energetic experience.

Check Bio Hazard Inc for pricing


This unique octopus piece should delight any ocean enthusiast. The hybrid Dr. Bubbles with its mirage of flavors will complement this vibrant design.

$90.00 on Etsy



Adorned in gorgeous colors and a unique tail mouthpiece, this scorpion pipe is sure to impress. Pair it with the hybrid Venom OG to relax the body (without the sting).

$60.00 on SmokeDay



This beautiful handmade creation, sold by Brothers With Glass, showcases a charming realistic shell and will pair pleasantly with Lavender, a sleepy strain to slowly move you to relaxation.

$55.95 on Brothers With Glass


This jewel-toned rhino pipe is a beautiful addition to any glass pipe collection, and there’s no better pairing than the indica Blackberry Rhino to accompany the shape and color.

$40.00 on SmokeDay

Honey Bee


Pair this intricately designed honey pot pipe with our sativa pick Kaboom – perfect for a creative buzz reminiscent of the busy bee.

$64.99 on Empire Glassworks



This owl pipe, found on Smoke Cartel, offers two bowls in one to mix and match different strains or flavors. It’s a colorful pick for all the night owls out there and will pair with the indica strain Red Eye OG to drift you off after an all-nighter.

$69.00 on Smoke Cartel