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As the cannabis movement starts to spread to every corner of America, states that have incorporated marijuana into their local economies have seen a residual effect. Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska have all registered boosted tourism numbers since they passed recreational marijuana.

Colorado’s tourism revenue reached a record-breaking $19.1 billion dollars in 2015. Much of that boost is credited to a successful ad campaign by the Colorado Department of Tourism. However, it’s worth noting that in the resort mountain towns, 90% of the marijuana sales came from tourists.

Naturally, as the demand for cannabis-friendly tourism begins to grow, main-stream businesses are beginning to embrace the market.

One example of this trend is The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, OR. The iconic hotel has partnered with Dope Magazine to offer tenets a “420 Dope Package” for those looking to enjoy Portland, as well as the luxuries of legalization.

jupiter hotel

The Jupiter Hotel is the first hotel to bring this type of cannabis-friendly package to Oregon. The package is curated to give guests an insider’s look at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry. Here’s what’s included in the box:

  • Room at the Jupiter Hotel
  • Latest Issue of Dope Magazine
  • Munchie Kit
  • “Everything But The Weed” Kit
  • Dope Magazines Vape Pen, The “Dopen”
  • Jupiter Hotel T-Shirt
  • Dope Magazine Hat
  • Discount Coupons At Local Dispensaries

dope box

Since this type of hospitality service is new, there is still some awkward rules that leave the package just short of incredible. The ideal situation would be to include samples from local dispensaries, however laws are still a bit foggy on when that is allowed. Also, consumption of flower in the room is not allow (though vape pens can be used).

However, these short-comings would only be noticeable to residents of states that have already legalized. For those who have yet to experience the incredible experience of legal cannabis, the Jupiter Hotel offers the perfect starter pack.

To book a room at the Jupiter Hotel, visit jupiterhotel.com