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Pre-rolls have become a staple on dispensary counters. They have taken the prep work out of rolling a joint and offer a convenient way to spark up when you’re on the go. The pre-roll is a great way to taste test a strain without having to buy a large quantity of buds, and these pre-packed joints are often offered at affordable prices, making them a mainstay with value shoppers. If you haven’t yet perfected the art of rolling your own joint, the pre-roll is the simple solution, but it can also leave some questions about the quality of the cannabis inside.

To find out what’s being rolled up, we visited Vashon Velvet on Vashon Island in Washington to see how they hand-craft their premium joints with cannabis grown via efficient and sustainable methods.

What's in a Pre-Roll?

Patrick Rooney, grower and partner at Vashon Velvet, shows us how they pre-pack hundreds of joints using their small-batch, hand-crafted cannabis. With a made-to-order technique, Vashon Velvet makes sure that only the freshest buds are packed into their pre-rolled joints. Using some of their most popular strains, like Laughing Buddha, Liberty Haze, and Acapulco Gold, their team evenly fills imported rice papers to assure an even burn and maximum flavor.

Have you tried any of Vashon Velvet’s pre-rolled joints? If so, which strain is your favorite? Check out the video to see Patrick’s step-by-step process and tips to packing a smooth and flavorful pre-roll. When you are done watching, don’t forget to subscribe to Leafly’s video channel for the next episode of Cannabis Craftsmanship and other exciting video series!

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