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Since January of 2015, the Yes on 2 campaign, which is fighting for medical marijuana in Florida, has received over 7,067 donations. In the same time period, the No on 2 campaign has collected only 11.

However, despite the massive different in the number of people donating the campaigns, the No on 2 campaign has received more money for their cause. The 11 donors that have contributed to fight the passing of medical marijuana have included a $800k from a Publix Heiress, and a $500k donation for Mel Sembler, a Republican fundraiser.

The influx of cash to the No on 2 campaign comes on the heels of the campaign releasing a 30-second ad comparing budtenders to “drug dealers with store fronts.”

Discrepancies in the dollars per donation also highlight the issues brought forth by the unlimited donation ruling brought forth in the Citizen’s United case. Even though a multitude of people donated and polls say 69% of Floridians support the passing of medical marijuana, the campaign is outgunned as far as budget. This drowning out of the will of the people with massive amounts of money is directly counteractive to our established democracy.

To learn more and donate to the Yes on 2 campaign, visit unitedforcare.org