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Mill Valley, Calif. – Overlooking the marshlands from Richardson Bay lies a Mill Valley institution, of sorts. It’s name is Dipsea Café – Dipsea as in the trail that takes you to Stinson beach and the longstanding footrace with the same name.

The owner of the ever-popular Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley may close his business to open a medical marijuana dispensary in its place.

John Siotos and his wife Cori started the Dipsea 30 years ago. It has never stopped being a favorite to many.

“The biscuits are great, all the food. We’re from Reno and we come down here every time we’re down here we have to make it,” said one customer.

But nearly a year ago, Cori died of breast cancer. Siotos remembers the pain she was in and the one thing that helped.

“Experiencing what a few drops of cannabis oil could do for somehow who is suffering,” said John, which is part of why he plans on closing Dipsea to make way for a medical marijuana dispensary. The county won’t allow him to have both in the same location.

“To be able to find something that will give them a little relief to the pain,” said John is part fo themotivation.

Customers are standing by his decision.

“If that’s what he needs to do, I’ll be totally supportive, but it’s the Dipsea and when it goes away, it will be a sad day for Mill Valley,” said a customer.

While he’ll own the 5,500 square foot dispensary, he won’t run it. That, he says will be left to the experts.

The owner has applied for one of only four licenses the county will issue. If he doesn’t get it, the Dipsea café will remain open.

But Siotos says he’s ready to move on. He should know by the end of the year. The name of the dispensary will be the Shoreline Wellness Center.

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