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The Campbell City Council is preparing for a potential special election next year regarding the cultivation, delivery and dispensing of medical marijuana within city limits.

At its Nov. 15 study session, the council asked city staff to bring back more information at its Dec. 6 meeting.

In March the city council approved an ordinance banning the cultivation, delivery and dispensing of medicinal marijuana within city limits. However, the city does not prohibit the use of medical marijuana.

A group called Keep Campbell Green has been working since then on a ballot initiative that would reverse the ordinance and allow dispensaries, delivery and limited cultivation.

The group circulated a petition earlier this year trying to gather enough signatures for the Nov. 8 ballot. However, the petition was rejected by the city clerk in May due to text errors in the initiative documents, according to city staff.
Even in light of California voters approving Prop. 64, which will legalize recreational marijuana, there are key differences in how medical and recreational marijuana use and cultivation will be regulated. Recreational marijuana is restricted to up to six plants and can only be grown indoors.

Petitioners in Campbell are proposing both outdoor and indoor cultivation, with space measured by square footage and based on whether a user is a patient or a caregiver.

In addition, recreational marijuana users cannot purchase from a dispensary specifically designated for medical marijuana users. They will need to possess a medical card, according to city clerk Wendy Wood.

Keep Campbell Green is hoping to get a second initiative before voters in spring of next year. According to the city, a special election would cost $380,000 with polling places, since the deadline for a mail-in ballot election has passed.

According to a memo from the deputy city clerk to the council, a special election could be held on April 4, 11 or 18 depending whether the council officially approves a special election at its Jan. 3 or Jan. 10 meeting.

The city is waiting to hear from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters on the status of signatures gathered by Keep Campbell Green. According to the city staff report, on Oct. 19 petitioners submitted 4,782 signatures requesting a special election. The city clerk delivered the petition and signatures to the Registrar on Oct. 20. The Registrar has 30 working days, excluding weekends and holidays, to verify the signatures.

Over the summer, city officials met with Keep Campbell Green to discuss the proposals in an effort to come to a compromise and avoid a special election. The group’s first proposal was to allow two dispensaries in parts of the city known as “planned development zoning areas,” and allow up to 250 square feet for personal cultivation. Under this plan, dispensaries and main entrances would only be allowed on main thoroughfares such as Winchester Boulevard and Hamilton and Bascom avenues.

The second proposal would not allow for any cultivation, and would place the same restrictions on dispensary locations but would allow for three dispensaries in planned development zoning areas.

If Keep Campbell Green’s signatures are certified by the Registrar, the council also has the option of adopting the proposed ordinance instead of holding an election.

The city has an ordinance in place restricting recreational cultivation in Campbell.

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