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Charlotte Figi
Charlotte Figi and her parents – Safe Cannabis treatments for Epilepsy in Colorado.

Law enforcement will most likely continue their investigation after a routine compliance check if children and what police call, “paraphernalia” were present during the raid.

Would you rather risk losing your children to Child Protective Services or treat your disease using Cannabis?

There are very few protections and all of them hinge of a police officer’s ability to do an honest and legal compliance check. Moving beyond the “Raid” mentality will help police and the policed understand each other better. But right now, someone in America is trying to get their child back from CPS because a non-narcotic, safe drug or paraphernalia were found in their home. This needs to change now.

“In one positive case, cops came to the house of the patient, Mr. F. and found 9 immature plants, and called CPS, who removed an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old. CPS workers then came to the house to investigate the claim that the medical marijuana provided an unsafe environment for the children. Mr. F showed them his cultivation site, which was fenced in and had fewer plants than was suggested by the local guidelines. He was incredibly confident about the precautions he had taken, and invited them to touch the plants. When asked if he felt that the plants created an unsafe environment, he responded that he was confident in their safety. CPS decided to return his children to him, and cited his tour and the fact that both of his children had full knowledge of his medicine as the reasons they felt confident in doing so.” –http://www.safeaccessnow.org/ca_child_custody

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