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Peoria Planning Commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit to allow two new marijuana dispensaries within the city.

During its Sept. 29 meeting, the commission approved Bloom Medical Marijuana Dispensary, which will be on the corner of 91st and Olive avenues, and Saguaro Sky Medical Marijuana Dispensary at 9240 W. Northern Ave., in the Peoria Crossing development.

“I have a dispensary in Pinal County and received a certificate to move into the new location, if not approved by AZDHS,” said Andy Workman, owner of the Saguaro Dispensary. “If approved, this location will be my second dispensary at the Peoria Crossing location.”

Arizona Department of Health Services held the certificate selection process Oct. 6, and both were approved unanimously by AZDHS.

AZDHS recently approved more dispensaries allowed in the state to increase to 31 within the assigned areas.
Workman said the new location will be nearly 1,600 square feet and will adhere to all state regulations and requirements.

“I have been running my dispensary in Pinal County for nearly three years and have done all required state audits and been working with multiple dispensaries,” Workman said.

Commission member Jeff Nelson asked if Workman would have smoking paraphernalia on site and how sales would work.

“Any sales would be strictly for patients with a state medical marijuana card,” Workman said. “Once you enter the location, you would have to be an active patient and have a medical card to even get to the back, where everything would be stored.”

JP Holyoke secured his license for his Peoria dispensary, Arizona Natural Selections, and he now runs a robust business near 91st and Peoria. Commission member Nancy Golden asked about that location and if there have been any incidents since opening.

“We speak extensively with the Peoria Police Department and to date, there have been no incidents,” said Planner Randy Porch. “Those dispensary operators have also helped instruct the police department on the way the program works.”

Thomas Galvin of the Rose Law Group, speaking for the applicant at 91st and Olive, said the location was chosen after a long search throughout the West Valley and numerous patients of Bloom spoke in favor of the new location.

“This site is unique,” Galvin said. “Under this plan, the 2,000-square-foot building with lush landscaping would fill a lot that’s been vacant for years.”

The applicant, Bloom Dispensaries, predicts more than $100,000 in annual sales tax revenue for the City of Peoria and more than $500,000 in projected annual payroll for 15 to 20 new employees.

“Security is important for Bloom, with 32 cameras on the inside and outside of the facility and security measures will be 24 hours a day,” Galvin said.

Numerous speakers addressed the commission in favor of approval of the dispensary and were very supportive.

“Bloom is very professional and we would be developing this location and improving the site for them,” said Edmond Vartughian of Scottsdale, developer of the site. “We have worked with them in other locations and they are an excellent company to bring to your city.”

Patients with a qualifying medical condition, such as cancer, glaucoma or chronic pain, can obtain written certification from a doctor and get a state-issued card that allows them to purchase 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks from a dispensary.

Last year, nearly 41,000 cardholders purchased 2.7 tons of marijuana at the state-licensed dispensaries. The average patient purchased medical marijuana 10 times last year, and there were more than 422,000 transactions statewide. Severe and chronic pain – alone or with one or more additional health conditions – was the diagnosis for nearly nine out of every 10 cardholders last year.

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