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President Obama stated in 2014 that he would continue to allow states to make the decision whether or not to legalize marijuana. And while it’s looking like President-elect Donald Trump has his work cut out for him, we’re hoping that he too will continue to allow the states control over this decision.

Trump has stated that he thinks that marijuana legalization should be up to the states. You can check out his stance on legalization here.

However, with a new administration filling the seats of the White House and a complete party shift in both the House and the Senate, now more than ever, the people must make their voices heard.

Change.org is circulating a petition to make sure that the people’s voices when it comes to marijuana are heard. As they state:

With this in mind, we are calling on President-elect Trump to respect state’s rights and refuse to enforce federal cannabis policies in states that have legalized the plant. This includes the eight states that have legalized cannabis for all uses, and the roughly 30 states that have legalized it for medical purposes.

Two national polls released within the past month – a Gallup poll and an American Values Survey poll, both well respected – show support for legalizing cannabis to be at or above 60% among all U.S. adults. It’s clear that voters are fed up with prohibition, and want a change. Enforcing federal cannabis laws would be blatantly ignoring their wishes, and given the harms of prohibition (criminal enrichment, wasted taxpayer dollars, overpopulated prisons, etc.), would be directly detrimental to our society.

If you are intereted in signing the petition to keep Federal Law Enforcement from taking action is states that have already legalized marijuana, click here.