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Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Speaking to the press at the Department of Justice this evening, Attorney General Jeff Sessions doubled down on his infamous reefer madness rhetoric. Sessions stating:

“We’re seeing real violence around that. Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think and there’s big money involved.”

Sessions’ latest comments are completely fictitious and describe a reality that only exists in the world of alternative facts. Marijuana legalization has not lead to increased violence, but rather has lead to lowered youth use rates, increased tax revenue, and fewer arrests of otherwise law abiding American citizens. The truth is that legalization is working and the views recently espoused by Attorney General Sessions are reckless, irresponsible, and outright false.

These statements are not only out of touch with reality and public sentiment, they also go against President Trump’s promise on the campaign trail to leave marijuana policy to the states. If you support legalization now is not the time to be silent, now is the time to stand up and fight back.

The recent comments coming out of the administration in marijuana policy are, quite frankly horrifying. The only way to ensure our progress is upheld and we continue to reform marijuana laws across the nation is to pass federal legislation that makes certain that the Attorney General can’t intervene. We need to pass the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017. This legislation would prevent the federal government from attack state approved legalization and medical marijuana laws.

Click here to write your elected officials in support of this legislation

This is a true test of our movement. Stand with is against these threats because together we are unstoppable. Together we will legalize marijuana nationwide.

Are you with us?