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By Matthew Spizziri

A recent article in Huff Post Business highlighted Mettrum Health Corp. (TSXV:MT), a vertically integrated provider of cannabis products located in Bowmanville, Ontario.

As quoted in the article:

Mettrum’s licensed production facilities span over 80,000 square feet of capacity, located on a total of over 80 acres of land. The Bowmanville location (one of two) is massive, and houses their client service team and part of the grow operations. We passed through a number of security checkpoints — something they take very seriously (maybe even more so than the Canadian government requires).

A good fact to note: I was informed that the entire process takes about three months from clone to harvest. It was fascinating to see the complexity of the operation — almost otherworldly — where each plant has a dedicated lamp and computer-automated filtration system in their grow pod for consistency and potency of supplemental nutrients.

Afterwards, we toured Mettrum’s extraction lab where their concentrated oils are produced. Mettrum’s cannabis oils were designed to address the demand from patients and health care professionals alike for alternative consumption methods of medical cannabis to exist. Since launching their oils in January of this year, Mettrum has witnessed firsthand the tremendous appetite for extracted products.

Touring these facilities made it obvious that medical-grade cannabis is way more than just a “medical marijuana” sign on a storefront. It would be very difficult to replicate what goes on inside these facilities without having the experience, real estate and capital to uphold such an impressive growing practice. I don’t care what anyone says, the proof is in the cannabis-infused pudding; patients who are looking to obtain safe medicine should highly consider doing so from a top-tier government regulated source that shows accountability to their product.

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