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By Rebecca Kelley

The Blues Brothers may have been “on a mission from God,” but these self-described “nuns” in Merced, California, are on a mission to produce high-CBD products for ailing patients, and they’re not going to back down despite a recent city ordinance banning cannabis cultivation and sales.

Called the “Sisters of the Valley,” Sister Kate and Sister Darcey grow high-CBD cannabis plants in the garage of their shared home, and while they describe themselves as nuns, they’re not Catholic (or especially religious, for that matter). They’ve grown their small Etsy business from making $300 a day to over $3,000 a day, with purchases coming in from all over the world.

Unfortunately, on Monday, the Merced City Council voted to temporarily ban the cultivation and sale of cannabis until it can determine what the city should allow. The Merced Sun-Star notes that cultivation and sales have never actually been illegal in Merced, and the recent ordinance was approved in order to “retain local control on regulations.”

So where does that leave the Sisters of the Valley? As the city struggles to come up with a permanent solution, the ladies remain undeterred and are instead doubling down on their illegal endeavors by moving their operation to a farm in Merced County to increase their output. “Really, what last night did was fuel the fire for everyone to work harder to change their minds,” said Sister Darcey.&

Sister Kate agreed, telling ABC 30, “[Legalization is] gonna happen here. It’s inevitable so why not stand our ground?”

Legit or not, these “nuns” mean business, and they’re not backing down without a fight. Check out this video of them makin’ salves and takin’ names:

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