PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Gardens is five incredible days of cannabis activities and events in Portland, Nov. 30 to Dec. 4. Weed Week is a grassroots movement bringing together the cannabis community to share information, insights, and ideas through education, events, and entertainment.

Weed Week kicks-off with the Weedmaps Cannabis Crawl. The idea is simple: groups of Portland Weed Week attendees will go from cannabis-business to cannabis-business in the downtown vicinity to learn more about them. It’s different, it’s dynamic, and for people who don’t have the opportunity to get out and see the cannabis community in Portland, it’s absolutely something special.

For people who value learning and education, Weed Week offers two full days of talks and workshops. Attendees will choose from more than 30 seminars covering four different tracks – business & technology, breeding & growing, health & wellness, and a hobbiest track. The lecture series is Thursday, Dec. 1 and Friday, Dec. 2 at the Leftbank Annex.

Many of the social events begin on the weekend, including the Taste of Terps Festival on Saturday, Dec. 3, and the Cannabis Classic exhibitor’s fair and awards show on Sunday, Dec. 4. The Taste of Terps Festival is for consumers looking to sample different types of products. There are two sessions, and Weed Week attendees must RSVP through the Weed Week app.

The Cannabis Classic exhibitor’s fair is on Sunday, Dec. 4, and features PitchFest, which is an opportunity for people with a cannabis business idea to pitch the ladies of The Marijuana Show for a chance to earn $50,000 of seed capital. In addition, businesses will be in attendance vending, demonstrating, and showcasing their products and services. The final act of Weed Week comes in the form of the Cannabis Classic awards show, where awards and cash prizes will be bestowed upon Oregon’s top producers and growers.

PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Gardens is a dynamic event aimed at bringing the cannabis community together to make things happen. If you are interested in attending PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Gardens, please visit www.pdxweedweek.com, where you can see the entire schedule of events as well as purchase all-access passes.


Contact: Cory Wray

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