Dabbing has changed drastically since its emergence from the underground. Prior to 2009, concentrates were niched to heavy hitters on the west coast and in British Columbia. Back then, concentrates were exclusive to those who had both the knowledge and crop to perform extractions. Since its infantile stages, there has been significant growth in every facet of the concentrate scene. Extraction methods, dabbing techniques, and materials have all experienced significant changes since entering the mainstream.

It was about seven years ago that I first saw someone dab. I had been totally oblivious to the existence of dabbing and always smoked doobies or the occasional bong. I was so baffled by the sight of a powerful blue-hot flame that I even denied a dab when offered. 

About a year later I found myself within a friend’s dorm room, dabber in hand, staring down the barrel of a Mobius Stereo Matrix of some sort. But even as I exhaled my hits into a Smoke Buddy, I still really didn’t know a damned thing about dabbing. No one showed us how to dab. As a result, my friends and I always hit dabs off of red-hot titanium nails. The moment the torch was extinguished we’d drop the dome on and dab away, only to hack up a lung. We’d repeat this painful process on every single dab at every sesh. I can’t tell you the amount of times we burned our fingers just removing the dome from the joint. But boy, were we smacked!

Dabbing has changed significantly in recent years. Burning-hot dabs have been exchanged for flavorful low-temp dabs. Titanium nails and domes have been traded for quartz bangers and QFZ caps, and large straight tubes with tons of filtration have been switched for nano rigs with two or three hole diffys. Terpenes have also become the talk of the concentrate industry. Overtime, dabbers have found their way through uncharted territory to develop their own unique techniques and preferences. But because dabbing is still new within the industry, those preferences and techniques can vary greatly, and different items adorn every dabber’s dabstation. This motivated me to reach out to two educated dabbers, hoping to gain insight on their preferences and dabbing techniques.

When did you first dab, how did it go?

@theglassgenie: I first dabbed out of a dry Sherlock with a titanium nail and some mediocre oil. Looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking! But at the time I really thought it was awesome.

@dabberlady: I did my first dab about 6 years ago. The person who gave me my first dab gave me such a hot dab off of a titanium domeless. Back then most people did red hot dabs, we weren’t very educated in the matter. I coughed for about 30 minutes but was so stoned afterwards. Shortly thereafter I made it a point to get my medical marijuana license so I could obtain quality medicine.

What pieces do you have in your collection?

@theglassgenie: Sagan x Gordman 10mm collab, Mothership 8.25″ Klein, Mothership 8″ Torus, Domer Double Mini. I like to think I have a solid balance of function and heady aesthetic.

@dabberlady: I have a Sesh Supply Atlas, Shuhbuh Shubbler, Glassbros Jammer, Two Pulse Glass pieces (OG Shrub & a Micro Double Barrel Drum), a Forgeglass Mini Tube and a Rocksolidglass Mini Tube. I also have a “Sweet” brand bong and a couple of Twisted Sisters bongs.

Who are your favorite glassblowers?

@theglassgenie: My favorite overall artist has got to be Eusheen, he has an awesome blend of function and art. The next three are definitely Sagan, Dosa, and Purp Skurp.

@dabberlady: My favorite glassblower would have to be Chris Drury who goes by Shuhbuh.

What do you look for in a new scoop?

@theglassgenie: I look at the overall size and shape of the piece. The piece has to have a solid base and center of balance. It needs to be made with thick glass. Function is also key, even in a heady piece.  Aesthetically, I prefer mostly translucent colors so I can still see the piece function.  I love encased opals and anything with crushed opal.

@dabberlady: Most important thing to me is function! And I like pieces that are unique and have character to them.

What is your favorite flavor of concentrate?

@theglassgenie: I dig extracts from the strains Lemon G and Jilly Bean. Both have a sweet and pleasant flavor, but Lemon G has this potent gassy quality, I love it. I could smoke any kind of live resin, all day. I love that stuff.

@dabberlady: My favorite has always been Gorilla Glue #4.

Who is your favorite extraction artist?

@theglassgenie: Concentrate Remedies (CRx) and Rare Extracts from Colorado are my top two favorites. Moxie is also fire and so is Black Label Green Dot.

@dabberlady:  My favorite extraction artist would have to be Glasshouse Extracts in Michigan.

What does your headstash currently consist of?

@theglassgenie: Grown and extracted By Viola Extracts Live Resin:  Lemon Stomper, Lemon Corleoone, Chem OG, Sour Foo, Jilly Bean, Tangie Sequoia, Platinum Sequoia Lemons. Concentrate Remedies (CRx): Sour Banner OG, Watermelon Dream OG, Pandoras Box, Cbdurban Diesel Lemon Haze, Lemon Pineapple Durban Dream). Haters Gonna Hate Extractions (HGH): Bubble Gum Solvent Free, Lemon Wreck Solvent Free, Key Lime Pie Solvent Free. Greendot Black Label: Grease Monkey, Granola Funk, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel.  Moxie Live Res Solvent Free OG.

@dabberlady: Right now my concentrate headstash consists of 2 grams of Sunset Sherbet, and 1 gram Gas Pack. I also have 2 grams of Pineapple Express flowers.

What tools do you have in your arsenal that may be overlooked?

@theglassgenie: I always use Divider Pro rubber caps to plug my pieces for cleaning purposes. They really reduce mess and enable me to completely fill my pieces without spilling.

@dabberlady: A good carb cap is important!

Are there any techniques you deploy every time you dab?

@theglassgenie: I always use a timer to get that perfect temp dab and Q-tip all my quartz after every single dab. I know that sounds meticulous but the timer guarantees terpy dabs while the Q-tips expand the lifespan of quartz.

@dabberlady: I usually count out 45 seconds before I take my dab. That way I know it won’t be too hot and I will be able to get the most out of my meds.

How do you clean your pieces? How often?

@theglassgenie: I soak with Grunge Off, every day. I tend to use my pieces pretty heavily…

@dabberlady: I clean my pieces every other week with isopropyl alcohol.

What torch do you use?

@theglassgenie: The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot, all day. No torch is more durable, no torch is more reliable.

@dabberlady: I use a Vector.

Have you ever attempted an extraction? How did it go?

@theglassgenie: Yes, a few attempts went relatively well considering the lack of a set up.  Our yield was decent quality until an accidental fire erupted. I quickly extinguished the fire and never attempted an extraction since. Everyone should just leave extraction to the artists. You need lots of professional training and equipment.

@dabberlady: No I have not. I rely on professionals to do that.

Do you cook with concentrates? How so?

@theglassgenie: Yes, I decarb in oil oven or on stove with a temperature gun. You can bind your concentrates with coconut oil or put decarbed oil directly into your edible, batter, or mix.

@dabberlady: I don’t cook with concentrates.

How do you think concentrates have affected the glass game?

@theglassgenie: Concentrates definitely helped explode the glass game and entire community quite rapidly. I think more work is put into concentrate pieces, more color, time, and art.  I think this has a lot to do with the types of pieces dabbers prefer.  Dabbers generally want pieces to be relatively small in size, with lots of function. Any art is always a bonus. Glassblowers also seem to enjoy creating smaller pieces than much larger heady pieces. Often small pieces are more challenging to make.

@dabberlady: Concentrates have taken the glass game to a whole new level. Before, people had nice bongs but never to the extent of what is being blown now. It is real artwork and I enjoy it!

How do you stay elevated on the go?

@theglassgenie: I stick to the Kandy Pens Gravity Edition. It’s one of the best, most reliable pens ever created. The coilless ceramic dish is so tasty. Kandy Pens come with a lifetime warranty on the battery and their customer service is always friendly and helpful.

@dabberlady: I like to use clear cartridges, my Dabado Bolt Portable E-nail, or the Dabado Flash.

How often do you consume flowers? What is your favorite way to smoke flower?

@theglassgenie: I smoke flowers about two to three times a week, on average.  I usually roll up doobies for the flavor and use the volcano vaporizer for conservation.

@dabberlady: Every day. I like to smoke out of bongs or pipes.

Do you have any advice for first time dabbers?

@theglassgenie: Yeah, don’t take hot dabs and don’t smoke black oil haha. Also, don’t use huge pieces. They are called “concentrates,” so keep them concentrated.

@dabberlady: Take a smaller dab than you think you can handle. I know a lot of people that did their first dab and they thought they could do a huge glob. It ends up with them coughing for a long time and probably being uncomfortable. To have an enjoyable and relaxing first experience take small dabs!

You can only use one rig for the rest of your life? What is it, why?

@theglassgenie: Definitely my 8.25″ Mothership Klein. It’s got the perfect sized can for lots of flavor and delivers flawless function at the same time. 

@dabberlady: My Shuhbuh Shubbler is my favorite piece, so I would use that one. It was the first really nice piece I bought for myself.

You have unlimited cash to get a piece commissioned exactly who you want it. What does that piece look like?

@theglassgenie: It’s definitely a Eusheen Redisculator with a Sagan moon as the perc as seen on the Moonulator.  Purp Skurp reticellos on each side disc and a Sleek sectioned neck with a Dosa base section and Purp Skurp reticello mouthpiece.  To top it off throwing a fat Rose Roads back cab on it. Opals everywhere. Yeah, that would be ideal.

@dabberlady: It looks like Reptar! I love dinos so anything dino related would be awesome.

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