With today being Shatterday, TWB found the story below from Seattle Weekly to be of interest as we concentrate on concentrates.

Many cannabis consumers have made the jump from flower to concentrates, and, while some of us will always be flower children at heart, there is no denying the profound effect that concentrates can have on you when consumed appropriately.

Some medical patients will only consume cannabis in the form of concentrates, simply because they cannot handle smoke any longer or because they need a stronger and more immediate effect than flower can offer.

If you are curious about making your own concentrates, there are thousands of tutorials online. But no matter what method you try, 2 factors will dictate your results: 1) good plant material—no amount of simmering or soaking will extract more THC than what is in the plant—and 2) know how to properly decarboxylate (the process of applying gentle heat to your plant material to cook off water) your cannabis.

This article is the first in a series of 5 about concentrates, and focuses on three of the most familiar concentrates: butter, oil, and tinctures. All three are edible and extremely easy and safe to make at home.