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“The ED Doctor came out and motioned for us to come into her office & sit down not saying a word. She opened the conversation with I’m so very sorry…..what?? I’m so very sorry. There appears to be a sizable mass in your left lung – what? What is it? Have you ever smoked? What? No? Never! The look on the Doctor’s face said it all.”

“Wednesday 3rd September 2014 PET scan Conclusion: complete metabolic response. Residual non-FDG avid scar tissue in the left upper lobe corresponding to the site of the previously intense FDG avid primary malignancy. NO CANCER!!!”

Watch Sharon’s homemade video of her diagnosis and eventual success using a healthy diet and Cannabis.

Sharon Kelly: Cannabis Killed My Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer 

Mahalo to curecancer.co.za for sharing Sharon’s Cancer Cannabis story.