By Amanda Reiman

This week, I hand-delivered more than 11,000 petitions to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office in San Francisco. Feinstein (D-CA) has been a leading opponent of marijuana reform, and recently spoke out against an amendment that would protect state medical marijuana programs from federal interference.

Armed with two gigantic boxes of petitions, I was joined by representatives of Berkeley Patients Group, California NORML and the Brownie Mary Democratic Club. We spent an hour with two of the Senator’s staff explaining why it is far past time for her to evolve on this issue.

We talked with Feinstein’s staffers about the federal crackdowns on well-regulated dispensaries in California, and how these crackdowns harm patients, especially the most vulnerable. We thanked her for her willingness to stand up for veteran’s access, but reminded her that thousands of vets rely on medical cannabis access in California right now.

We advocated on behalf of seniors and others in California who rely on cannabis rather than risky pharmaceuticals with unpredictable side effects. As I told her staff, “One day the Senator or someone she knows might rely on cannabis, and I hope when that day comes she can say she was on the right side of history.”

@SenFeinstein the ladies of the cannabis movement want you to join us! #flipDiFi @womengrow @DrugPolicyOrg

— Amanda Reiman (@AmandaReiman) July 7, 2015

For those who signed the petition, thank you for signing and showing your support for access to medical marijuana in California.

Amanda Reiman is the manager of marijuana law and policy for the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Author: Amanda Reiman
Date Published: July 8, 2015
Published by Drug Policy Alliance

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