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The Coriolis acceleration assures hurricanes North the of the equator, spin counter-clockwise. Most hurricanes in Hawaii come from the South across Hawaii Nei. Wind is extremely variable during storms in Hawaii and is largely dependent on the geography of the area you live. Regardless, know where the prevailing winds will blow and place your plants accordingly.

Use your favorite weather map to estimate wind direction and speed for your area. If you cannot bring your plants indoors, consider the following ideas and tips:

Prepare your plants for high winds:

Adding Windbreakers

Secure your plants

Cannabis plants thrive in a certain amount of wind, even constant wind. But too much wind stunt their growth and all Cannabis plants should be protected during various stages of growth from high winds. The main idea here is to avoid running out in the eye of the storm to make adjustments. Planning is key. Don’t wait until the last minute. Stay Safe!

Special thanks for members of the 420 Magazine forum, the weather underground, ilovemarijuana.com and Hawaii Civil Defense for their Cannabis support.

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