Sponsor a Monthly Event


To get started, add this item to your cart. Checkout and pay using our checkout process. We’ll get a notification of your payment. While this is happening you can email us your brand assets for inclusion in our event marketing.

In addition to regular monthly meetings, we also hold two larger annual events. The cost of sponsorship for these events may be different. But as a one-time monthly event sponsor, your brand will still be featured as described above. This is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes.



We hold regular monthly meetings in collaboration with the Hawaii Patients Union. As an event sponsor for one of these monthly events, your brand will be featured in our opening remarks and three more times during the event. You can also mail us your collateral and we’ll pass out to everyone in attendance. Your brand will be featured in our mailchimp email announcement and announcement blog post on our website. Also includes publishing to our Twitter and Facebook pages.