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Today at Portland’s inaugural Weed Week a new cannabis product is causing a bit of buzz. Coalition Brewing and Half Baked Labs release Oregon’s first commercially produced CBD-infused beer.

The beer contains an active dose of Cannabidiol (CBD), but no THC, the psychoactive element found in marijuana. CBD is one of the plant’s many cannabinoids most commonly known for calming effect and medicinal qualities.

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As part of Weed Week, Coalition Brewing and Half Baked Labs are offering a sneak peek of the beer. The sampling will take place during a panel discussion on the relationship of Hops and Cannabis, in which both companies are participating.

While discussing the facts and science behind hops, cannabis and CBD, attendees will have the chance to try a West Coast IPA variety of the CBD-infused beer. The discussion takes place at 4pm at East Burn and is open to Weed Week pass holders.

“The Cannabis, Hops & Beer talk is going to be one of the most well-attended events of Weed Week,” said Cory Wray, one of the organizers of Weed Week. “The northwest is known for amazing hops and cannabis, and there are a lot of lessons the cannabis industry can learn from local brewers like Coalition Brewing.”

According to a statement released by the collaborating companies, their “mission with this beer series is to showcase a true collaboration and the union of these “kissing cousins,” hops and cannabis.”

The similarities between alcohol and marijuana use have been a long time point-of-argument for those fighting to end marijuana prohibition. But this CBD-infused beverage is focused on taking this relationship beyond comparisons and into a marriage of industries.

“We have been working closely with leaders in the fast growing local cannabis community, and we are excited to showcase the harmony and natural synergy of the Pacific NW craft brewing and cannabis industries,” continued their statement.

Not only do hops and cannabis have similar agricultural properties and related genetics – like their abilities to produce similar organic aromatic compounds known as terpenes – but also their craft industries have remained focused on community and positive business impacts.

Born out of a serendipitous chance encounter between owners Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky, Coalition Brewing a 10-barrel brewery and tasting room in Southeast Portland. They strive to reflect traditional brewing techniques and Northwest innovation through balanced, unique, and highly drinkable, handcrafted ales.

Led by Med Scientist Bill Stewart, Half Baked Labs strives to produce delicious, safe, and appropriately dosed edible and topical cannabis products for private patients.

These companies, among others, are participating in the inaugural event of Portland’s Weed Week. The 5-day event aims to bring together the local community to share information, insights, and ideas through education and experience.