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Lima – With medical marijuana now legal in the state of Ohio as of Sept. 8, municipalities are left with the decision of whether or not to allow dispensaries in their communities.

To that end, 6th Ward Councilman Derry Glenn is putting out a survey to gauge how the community feels about medical marijuana and whether a dispensary should be permitted within city limits.

“We’re aware that some people are against it and other people are for it,” he said. “There are people here who have medical issues and who would fit the criteria for this. They’re very happy that the state of Ohio is moving forward with medical marijuana. There are people who have said that others would have lived longer if they could have had this, people who were in a lot of pain. Others are talking about how it could bring problems to our area, saying it will bring the city down and wondering if businesses would come here.”

While the issue before Lima City Council concerns the permitting of dispensaries to come into the city, Glenn’s survey deals primarily with views on the issue itself, asking questions such as “Do you favor legalization of marijuana for medical use?” and “Regardless of how you feel personally, do you favor allowing patients with terminal or debilitating conditions to possess and consume marijuana if their doctors recommend it?”

“We’re hoping that we can get this survey out and let this run through Labor Day weekend,” Glenn said. “We’ll try to get out to the county fair, we’ll have some at (West Ohio Community Action Partnership) and other places. We’re hoping to primarily get people from within the city limits, but I want to hear from everyone in Allen County.”

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