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The 2014 limited medical marijuana law leaves many New Yorkers continuing to suffer from severe and debilitating conditions that could be made better by use of marijuana under medical supervision. As the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) will not take effect until at least 2016, new legislation has been introduced to create an emergency access program for patients with the most urgent needs – including children suffering from severe epilepsy. The new bill – A.7060 – is sponsored by Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried and Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb.

The Drug Policy Alliance will hold a press conference announcing the bill, which is also scheduled for a vote in the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Press conference on the introduction of emergency medical marijuana legislation



Healthcare providers

Representatives of the Drug Policy Alliance

Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried

Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb

When: Tuesday, April 28, 11 AM

Where: LCA Hallway (Assembly side), NYS Capital

Assembly Health Committee meeting including emergency medical marijuana legislation

When: Tuesday, April 28, at the call of the Speaker (Meeting will be held off the floor)

Where: Speaker’s conference room, 342 Capital

Date Published: April 27, 2015
Published by Drug Policy Alliance

Via:: Ddrug Policy Alliance