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Insurance Provider Drops Hawaii Medical Cannabis Companies | Ganjapreneur

Hawaii Cannabis dispensaries insurance

The launch of Hawaii’s medical cannabis program faces more delays after the Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (HEMIC) announced last week it will stop providing workers compensation insurance to seven of the state’s eight licensed cannabis companies. According to a KHON2 report, the development came without warning and poses a problem for the companies in […]

Hawaii MMJ Operators Waiting for Regulators to Certify Testing Labs | Ganjapreneur

Hawaii Cannabis dispensaries

Medical cannabis business owners in Hawaii are still waiting for regulators to certify laboratories to test their products, as the program infrastructure is in place but after more than a year sales have yet to occur, the Associated Press reports. Helen Cho, director of integrated strategy for Aloha Green Holdings, said her dispensary in Oahu […]

First Dispensary-Destined Cannabis Crop Harvested in Hawaii | Ganjapreneur

Hawaii Cannabis

Anna Hrushka a reporter with Pacific Business News spoke with a Hawaii Cannabis dispensary on Oahu who said it is now waiting for the certification of an independent laboratory to conduct required product safety testing. Graham Abbot at Ganjaprenuer reports that Aloha Green Holdings in Oahu, Hawaii is the first medical cannabis dispensary to harvest their crop, […]

Legislative Update from the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance

The 2017 legislative session’s 60-day sprint is coming to a close and we are happy to report that five of the measures that we have been tracking and weighing in on are still ALIVE!  We have entered into the “conference” portion of the legislative cycle; wherein, bills are conferred upon by select members, or conferees, […]

Hawaii Cannabis Business Meeting 4/20 at 5pm in Hilo

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Event passed… On 4/20/2017 We held a business meeting in Hilo.  Thursday in Hilo. Bring your ideas and questions. If you’ve got a Cannabis product or service you’d like to promote, bring it! This was an informal meeting designed to help spur more conversation about Cannabis business. We helped small business owners get involved in […]

Argentina Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis

On Thursday, Argentina legalized medical marijuana, after the Senate unanimously approved a bill that was already passed by the House of Representatives last November. The law establishes a new regulatory framework that enables scientific and medical marijuana research, while providing marijuana to qualifying patients free of charge. “It’s heartening to see Argentina prioritizing accessibility by […]

Maryland General Assembly Adopts Bills to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Medical Cannabis

As deaths from drug overdoses increase across the state and nation, the House of Delegates has passed legislation to bolster Maryland’s public health approach to the opioid epidemic with overwhelming bipartisan support. The legislative package, endorsed by the Maryland General Assembly House Opioid Workgroup, will combat the opioid epidemic by increasing treatment access, prevention efforts, […]

Thursday Teleconference: California Lawmaker Introduced Legislation to Protect Californians Against Federal Attacks on Lawful Marijuana Activity

Medical Cannabis

California Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer will join advocates to hold a media teleconference briefing to discuss his legislation that would prohibit state and local agencies from using resources to assist federal law enforcement authorities with marijuana enforcement against people in compliance with California state law. The recently introduced bill is already generating controversy. AB 1578 […]

Bolivian President Evo Morales' Crusade: De-Vilifying the Coca Leaf

March 31, 2017– By Marcelo Alzamora Earlier this month, Bolivian President Evo Morales signed a bill that raises the limit of coca crops that Bolivian farmers can plant nationally from 12,000 to 22,000 hectares. Since he assumed the presidency in 2006, Morales has instituted a policy of “Yes to Coca, No to Cocaine” (Coca Sí, […]

New Mexico Overdose Prevention Bill Vetoed by Governor

Medical Cannabis

Santa Fe – Today, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez vetoed Senate Bill 47 (SB47), the 911 Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Bill.  SB47, sponsored by Senator R. Martinez (D), passed the New Mexico State Legislature with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle, passing the House of Representatives (58-5) and the Senate on a unanimous […]

U.S. Representative Beto O'Rourke Leads Bipartisan Bill that Repeals Federal Transportation Law Requiring States to Suspend Driver's Licenses for Drug Offenses

Medical Cannabis

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke (D-TX-16) has introduced bipartisan legislation with Representatives Justin Amash (R-MI-3), Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY-8), Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI-5), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY-10), and Mia Love (R-UT-4) that would repeal a 26-year-old federal law that mandates states to automatically suspend driver’s licenses for anyone convicted of a drug offense or risk losing […]

Wednesday, March 22 in NYC: Prospects for Drug Policy Reform in the U.S. and Abroad

Medical Cannabis

Drug Policy Alliance and Human Rights Watch Call for Decriminalizing Drug Use, Joined By Former Swiss President and Former Head of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Drug Decriminalization Gaining Traction, With Backing of World Health Organization, International Red Cross, American Public Health Association, NAACP, and National Latino Congreso On Wednesday, March […]

West Virginia Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

West Virginia Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Bill From our colleagues at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP): Gov. Jim Justice is expected to sign SB 386 into law, making West Virginia the 29th state to adopt an effective medical marijuana law CHARLESTON, W. Va. — A medical marijuana bill received final approval in the West Virginia […]

Alcohol Industry Wants to Restrict Pot Advertising

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

When it comes to advertising in the alcohol industry, Canadian law imposes some pretty tight restrictions. Companies that sling booze for profit are not allowed to suggest in their marketing campaigns that people may be on a mission to get drunk, nor are they permitted to show sports figures or other celebrities grinding away at a […]

Hawaii Changing “Medical Marijuana” Terminology to “Medical Cannabis”

Two committees unanimously voted to require the state to refer to medical marijuana as medical cannabis. Lawmakers believe that the word cannabis is more fitting. The Department of Health has until December 31, 2019 to make all of the required changes to all written law and documents. The changes are to be made to title […]

10 Reasons Why it Pays to Grow Pot with Hydroponics

Tens of millions of US citizens recently found themselves waking up one morning with the full legal right to grow cannabis at home. Suffice to say, for those not fortunate enough to reside in such areas, it all sounds like some kind of fantasy that’s far too good to be true. But true it very […]

DEA Forced to Remove Misleading Cannabis Claims from Website

The DEA Forced to Remove Misleading Cannabis Claims from Website: There are no two ways about it – Federal law makes the whole subject of legal cannabis very confusing. Not just confusing, but incredibly difficult for those looking to play a role in the development of the fledgling legal pot industry. You’re handed the freedom you’ve […]

Medical marijuana advocates to host lobbying day

Medical Cannabis

By Tim Devaney for The Hill Medical marijuana advocates will descend on Capitol Hill Tuesday. The advocates are in town for the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, which culminates in a lobbying day next week. Currently, federal law prohibits any use of marijuana, including for medical purposes. But some states have lifted these restrictions within […]

First Marijuana Stock Index ETF Launches in Canada

Medical Cannabis

As the Trump administration considers renegotiating the historic trade agreement with its North American neighbors, Canada is pushing ahead with a trade that places it well ahead of the United States: a first-of-its-kind exchange-traded fund that invests in medical marijuana stocks. Whether the pioneering effort is good for investors should spark debate. For investors who […]

U.S. Department of Justice Task Force to Review Marijuana Enforcement Laws

With the new administration in the U.S., many states that have legalized cannabis or medical cannabis are wondering what will happen to state marijuana programs.  There has definitely been plenty of discussion here in Oregon about how things will continue to roll out and how the DOJ might deal with marijuana enforcement. This week, we found […]

Now Robots Want to Take Marijuana Trimmers’ Jobs

Sitting down with a pair of shears in front of a fresh-cut pound of cannabis, pruning scraggly flowers into beautiful, saleable marijuana buds isn’t just a gig for “trimmigrants” to take up in between stops on the festie circuit—it’s a legitimate job. It takes learned and skilled hands to remove fan leaves and other unwanted […]

Coalition Brewing Brings Cannabis Collaboration to a Higher Level with CBD Beer

While many cannabis consumers have been consuming their cannabis alongside beer for many years, a Portland based microbrewery, Coalition Brewing, has brought the potential for hops and cannabis to a whole new level.  While Coalition has been brewing high quality, craft beer since 2010, they have most recently ventured in to the cannabis territory, sourcing CBD […]

Sessions’ DOJ Reviewing Marijuana Enforcement, Governors Fight Back

by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive DirectorApril 6, 2017 This week, Attorney General Jeff “Marijuana Consumers Aren’t Good People” Sessions issued a memo outlining a requested task force inquiry into a number of public safety issues, one of which being the enforcement of federal marijuana laws. The memo was sent to 94 U.S. Attorney’s Offices and […]

Marijuana-Infused Ice Cream Has Hit the Canadian Market Despite Lacking Legality

Medical Cannabis

Remedy Ice Cream is made in Calgary and infused with shatter — a concentrated form of marijuana. The operation may not be legal but it’s not exactly underground, either. Co-founder Chris Vasconcellos says the ice cream is meant for licensed medical marijuana patients only. As a licensed user himself, he said he was looking for a different way […]

Spider Mites and Marijuana Plants

Spider mites are both common and disastrous when it comes to growing marijuana plants. Not only that but they are an absolute nightmare to try and get rid of. Technically these little mites aren’t actual insects — they are arachnids, like spiders, ticks, and other types of mites. They are recognizable from other mites by […]

Police object to California marijuana regulation revamp

Cannabis Flower in Puna Hawaii

By MICHAEL R. BLOOD and PAUL ELIASAssociated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) – California law enforcement officials objected Wednesday to Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed streamlining of the state’s marijuana regulations, saying his plan could endanger public safety. Brown’s administration released documents late Tuesday outlining proposed changes to square the state’s new recreational pot law with its […]

G Pen Maker Awarded $47m in Counterfeit Case

After enduring years of revenue lost to product counterfeiters, Grenco Science, maker of the G-Pen brand vaporizer, finally struck back in court. In January, the Los Angeles-based company sued more than 65 different online retailers selling fake G-Pen products, asking for restraining orders and monetary damages. The brand pirates were mostly based in China. Some […]

New medical marijuana dispensary Maui Grown Therapies to hold open houses

Maui is getting their first medical marijuana dispensary, set to open soon in Kahului. Hawaii currently only has one medical dispensary, located on Oahu, and the islands do not recognize medical marijuana cards issued in any other state. The company bringing the first to Maui is Maui Grown Therapies. Once the dispensary opens, later this […]

Canadian Companies Add Cannabis Coverage to Health Insurance

After injuring his back while working as an elevator mechanic, Wayne Skinner suffered from chronic back pain for more than six years. After he found relief through prescribed medical marijuana, he asked his union, through its trust fund, to cover the costs. Skinner fought for what he saw as his rightful coverage, but was turned […]

Breaking: TSA Flip-Flops on Medical Cannabis

You are now free to move about the country with your medical marijuana. Or maybe not. Earlier today, Transportation Security Administration officials seemed to have quietly revealed a major policy change by posting an update to one of its web pages. On TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” page, at 9am PDT, medical marijuana was marked with a green “Yes”: The change […]

Culinary Cannabis: Chef Leather Storrs

As the cannabis industry continues to emerge with legalization, so do the various sectors within it.  Cannabis events and private cannabis-themed dinners and parties are one sector of the industry that we have seen growing across the country. This allows professionals from other industries, in this case chefs and others from the food and beverage […]

State and Local Politicians discuss Marijuana Policy in Texas

State and local politicians will discuss marijuana policy in Texas again this month.  While there has been lots of recent attention given to this topic in Texas, this discussion includes both the City of Dallas as well as the State’s laws on the decriminalization of cannabis. The Dallas City Council will consider ending the Dallas Police […]

TSA May Allow Medical Cannabis on Flights

You are now free to move about the country with your medical marijuana. That’s the word from Transportation Security Administration officials, who seem to have quietly revealed a major policy change by posting an update to one of its web pages. On TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” page, medicinal cannabis is now marked with a green “Yes”: The change […]

Dallas Cowboys Owner Urges NFL to Change Stance on Marijuana

Dallas Cowboys Owner Urges NFL to Change Stance on Marijuana. Jerry Jones has a decorated career as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most long withstanding football clubs in the National Football League in the U.S.  Just last week Jones hosted an owners-only meeting in Arizona.  While this was technically an executive […]

California Moves to Unite Conflicting Cannabis Laws

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California is one step closer to resolving tricky legal conflicts on its path to becoming the nation’s largest marijuana economy. Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration released documents outlining proposed changes to square the state’s new recreational cannabis law with its longstanding law on medical marijuana. The two laws took different approaches in […]

Karma: Stock Price of Big Pharma Company Pushing Fake Marijuana Plunges

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Insys Therapeutics is having a bad run. The Arizona-based pharmaceutical company’s stock is down 50 percent from its peak in August. In that time, sales have slumped by tens of millions of dollars—and the company’s stock took another double-digit dive late last month. Rejoice! This is a good thing. Insys Therapeutics is not a good […]

Sin City’s Fastest-Growing Industry (Where You Can Keep Your Clothes On)

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg. Move over Denver, the “Green Rush” is coming to Las Vegas, creating jobs, improving quality of life and making medical breakthroughs. Nevada recently legalized adult use cannabis during the November election, but instead of waiting until 2018 like California, Maine and Massachusetts, Nevada is working […]

Medical marijuana bills would change terminology, amend video storage requirements

Cannabis Flower in Puna Hawaii

HONOLULU — A couple of bills seeking to amend laws regarding medical marijuana are passing through the Legislature. “I supported both bills in committee hearings, and anticipate more amendments before any bills become law,” said Rep. Dee Morikawa. One is SB 786, which aims to change language in Hawaii laws that use the term “medical […]

State of the Leaf: Texas Decriminalization Measure Moves Ahead, MMJ Stalls in SC

Florida There’s a lot going on in Tallahassee as Sunshine State legislators forge the regulatory framework for Florida’s medical marijuana program. Senators appear poised to advance legislation (SB 406) to welcome five new cannabis dispensaries to Florida by October. At least one would be minority-owned. Friday’s measure also requires four additional dispensaries within “six months […]

What Is Charas Cannabis Concentrate?

Cannabis, also known as ganja, grows wild throughout Northern India, with particular prevalence along the foothills of the Himalayas. Although it is considered illegal in most parts of the world, certain forms of cannabis, most notably bhang, a cannabis and milk mixture, are sold in government-sanctioned shops with great popularity. RELATED STORY What Is Bhang? […]

House OKs Maryland Bill to Boost Minority Cannabis Businesses

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland would allow five more licenses each to grow and process medical cannabis in the state under a measure approved Tuesday by the House of Delegates. The bill, which was passed on a 90-45 vote, is aimed at boosting minority-owned business participation in the state’s developing industry after a disparity study. The […]

The Pros and Cons of Going to the Grocery Store While High

Do you go to the grocery store high? You do? Good. Because if you answered no, I was going to pack up and walk right out of the door behind you. I just couldn’t respect it. You’d be missing out on the new official America’s Pastime. Going to the grocery store high is one of […]

West Virginia House of Delegates Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

“Welcome to West Virginia” sign along westbound U.S. Route 48 and West Virginia Route 55 east of Wardensville in Hardy County, West Virginia (Wikimedia/Famartin) Marijuana Policy Project | April 4, 2017 CHARLESTON, WV — A bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it was approved by […]

Argentina Legalizes Medical Cannabis, Creates Research Program With Free Access

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina’s Senate has given final legislative approval to a bill legalizing the use of cannabis oil and other marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes, and setting up a regulatory framework for the state to prescribe and distribute them to patients. The legislation approved by senators Wednesday also creates a medical marijuana research […]

Q4 Flower Sales Up and Down

While sales and volume fluctuated during Q4 2016, consumers bought roughly the same proportions of cannabis styles during the quarter as they did during Q4 2015, with hybrids remaining robust market leaders. Flower remains the commercial backbone of most dispensaries in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Consider: In 2016, flower captured 58 percent of the cannabis […]

Who Is ‘Potsquatch’?

SPRINGFIELD, MA — Seconds after I met Dave Mech, creator of the notorious Potsquatch, video-bomber of Massachusetts weather reports and viral online persona, he presented me with an opportunity for a little participatory journalism. “I want to get some video of you wearing the suit,” he told me, unfolding what looked like the shorn outer […]

Texas: HB 81 advances with a committee vote of 4-2!

by NORMLApril 3, 2017 By Jax FinkelTexas NORML Executive Director Great news! Chairman Joe Moody’s House Bill 81, which would replace criminal penalties for marijuana possession with a simple ticket, has passed out of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee with a bipartisan vote of 4-2, with one member absent. Now, the bill is headed to the Calendars […]

With Big Banks Absent, IRS Gears up for Flood of Tax Cash

Think Tax Day is a headache for the average Joe? Owners of cannabis businesses might get a laugh out of that. In lieu of paying the tax man electronically, state-legal cannabis companies—spurned by banks thanks to federal prohibition—often have to pay a visit to the IRS lugging a fat stack of cash. It’s not exactly […]


Medical Cannabis

Without Proper Testing and Training It Could Be By David Hodes for Dope Magazine “Some of the information on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) website is 30 or 40 years old,. I don’t know about your health policy, but I prefer mine to be based on policy that is younger than me.” – Jahan Marcu […]

DC activists planning pot giveaway, Capitol Hill 'smoke in'

By Eli Watkins CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) — A marijuana advocacy group in the nation’s capital plans to target members of Congress on Capitol Hill with two separate protests this April. The first protest will take place on April 20 — 4/20, the pot holiday — from “high noon” til about 5 p.m., Adam Eidinger and […]

Hawaii puts cannabis tracking in FedRAMP cloud

Hawaii puts cannabis tracking in FedRAMP cloud By Susan Miller Apr 03, 2017 The Hawaii Department of Health has deployed a live seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system in a cloud  environment authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.  The state is using BioTrackTHC’s State Traceability System in Amazon Web Services’ GovCloud for its state […]

Govs Urge Sessions to Keep Cannabis Legal

Earlier today the governors of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington sent a letter to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, urging them to uphold the Obama-era policies that have allowed the legal and regulated use of cannabis to proceed in their states. The governors urged Sessions and Mnuchin to continue […]

Legalization Finds Friends in Cowboys Owner, Trump Adviser

The cannabis legalization movement gained two unlikely allies over the weekend: Republican political consultant Roger Stone and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. Stone, a lobbyist, political consultant, and Breitbart contributor who helped mastermind President Donald Trump’s courtship of the right, posted a scathing report on his website Stone Cold Truth making a case for why […]

West Virginia NORML Makes Final Push For Medical Marijuana Legislation

by Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Coordinator April 3, 2017 Marijuana advocates in West Virginia are celebrating after the state senate voted to pass a bill that would legalize and regulate the use of medical marijuana in the Mountain State. After surviving two committee assignments, and being amended to allow home cultivation by registered patients, Senate […]

Let Timmy Smoke: It’s Time to Open Baseball’s Hidden Cannabis Culture

Twelve years ago Tucker was a first-round draft pick out of Southern California’s Temple City High School, in a San Gabriel Valley suburb of Los Angeles. For the next three years the promising pitcher with the prodigious fastball bounced around the Marlins’ minor league affiliates, training for The Show in quiet burgs like Zebulon, North […]

Benefits of Humidity Level Control for Cannabis

This article is sponsored by Integra by Desiccare. Integra™ by Desiccare manufactures a complete line of humidity control products for the cannabis industry.  Whether you’re drying, curing, storing, or preserving edibles, they have the solution to keep the freshness, potency, taste, and overall quality of your product.  If your only experience with cannabis has been purchasing […]

Benefits of Humidity Level Control for Cannabis

This article is sponsored by Integra by Desiccare. Integra™ by Desiccare manufactures a complete line of humidity control products for the cannabis industry.  Whether you’re drying, curing, storing, or preserving edibles, they have the solution to keep the freshness, potency, taste, and overall quality of your product.  If your only experience with cannabis has been purchasing […]

Commercial Landlords and Tenants in the Cannabis Industry: Beware of the AIR Lease Form

Medical Cannabis

4) Financial Security Tenants will have difficulty obtaining financing from federally regulated financial institutions and could be in default with existing financing due to the institutions’ obligation to comply with federal law. The parties will likely resort to private methods of security to protect the landlord from possible damage arising from federal interference. The security […]

What are the Best 420 Events in 2017?

4/20 is like the Super Bowl of holidays for the cannabis community.  Whether you are attending a giant expo, a public smoke sesh, or an intimate party with friends, this day is special to all of the consumers, activists, and cannabis industry professionals.So, what are the best 420 events in 2017? This year we are lucky, […]

Real Stories From Canada of Cannabis Replacing Pharmaceuticals

Medical Marijuana Research

“Back in my day if you wanted to be with the pretty girls, ya stayed away from the drugs”, says my buddy Art. He’s explaining to me how crazy it is that today he uses Cannabis and Cannabis alone for his chronic pain. After the accident and the subsequent leg amputation, Art took whatever pain […]

Ask Dr. Dave: Cancer-fighting Properties of Cannabis?

Ask Dr. Dave is a place where you can ask practicing physician health questions about cannabis. To submit your questions for a future article, click here. David Bearman M.D. is one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medicinal marijuana. His over 40-year career includes public health, administrative medicine, provision […]

Here’s Why Cannabis Patients are Gathering in D.C. Demanding Change

Washington, DC — On Friday, April 7th and running through Tuesday, April 11th, Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, will host its 5th annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, a gathering of cannabis industry professionals, patients, and advocates aiming to […]

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/01/17

by Justin Strekal, NORML Political DirectorApril 1, 2017 Welcome to this week’s edition of the NORML legislative roundup! Happy April Fools Day – unfortunately I have no light-hearted gag for you today as marijuana prohibition is still very much in effect with thousands of people a week arrested throughout the country for mere possession of […]

Introducing Leafly Wings: High-Altitude Deliveries for High-Altitude Consumers

In 1485 Leonardo da Vinci, having admired birds’ ability to soar through the skies, drew detailed plans for a human-powered ornithopter in an audacious effort to bring the power of flight to man. Four hundred and eighteen years later, the Wright brothers audaciously completed the first powered flight. Yet sometimes, the most innovative technology mankind can harness […]

Dolphin-Safe Cannabis Certification Helps Consumers Shop Wisely

In Eugene, Oregon, many consumers are looking to a new certification to make sure their cannabis products are safe for the environment. The Dolphin-Safe™ Cannabis Certification gives consumers the reassurance that their cannabis is grown without harming the aquatic mammals. According to The Guardian, a dolphin’s brain is roughly 25% heavier than the average human […]

California Leaders Want to Block a Fed Move Against Cannabis

The state of California continues to draw lines in the sand in its continuing battle against the federal government. First the issues were immigration and environmental protection; now the state is turning its attention to the flourishing cannabis industry. State voters passed Proposition 64, ending cannabis prohibition in the state, last November. But President Trump […]

The Resources Already Exist, Let’s Get Pesticide Use Right

Medical Cannabis

Fifteen years after Colorado voters ushered in medical cannabis, Governor John Hickenlooper declared “zero tolerance” of any off-label pesticide on cannabis. This started a wave of confusion and unnecessary expense for cultivators that still exists. While any other farmer in the United States can depend on the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop, educate and […]

How to Not Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking: 5 Items to Have On-Hand

I’ve never been the type of person to broadcast my high in public, either due to the fact that I look high or because I smell strongly of cannabis. That’s not because I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t want to deal with the silent judgments of strangers I encounter in the wild. It’s my […]

New Strains Alert: Megalodon, Blue Buddha, East Coast Alien, and More

In this week’s New Strains Alert, we’ve gathered a couple Romulan crosses, a few Blueberry crosses, and some user submitted goodies. Golden Nugget brings Romulan to the table through its Golden Goat lineage, infusing this bright hybrid with enjoyable body effects, whereas Orange Romulan leans on classic Romulan relaxation intermixed with tart citrus terpenes. Combining strong physical effects and […]

Cannabis Irrigation Supply: Dedicated to the Grower

Cannabis Irrigation Supply is a family owned and operated business with both an online store a warehouse located in the San Diego area that is dedicated to growers everywhere.  They have everything you need to take care of your cannabis plants whether you have 1 or 100,000 for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. In 1996, founder and […]

Opening a Dispensary on an Island: Overcoming a Barrier to Business

Martha’s Vineyard is renowned for its beautiful beaches, quaint whaling towns and picturesque rolling countryside. The island is well known as a popular vacation spot for the rich and famous, including the Obamas, the Clintons and Larry David. The movie Jaws was filmed there and the infamous Ted Kennedy-Chappaquiddick incident took place there in 1969. […]

Cannabidiol Pharmacotherapy for Adults With Cannabis Use Disorder

National Institutes of Health Medical Cannabis Research

Verified March 2017 by Mclean Hospital Sponsor: Information provided by (Responsible Party): Kevin P. Hill, MD, MHS, Mclean Hospital ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03102918 First received: March 31, 2017 Last updated: March 31, 2017 Last verified: March 2017 We aim to determine Epidiolex’s promise as a pharmacotherapy for cannabis use disorder. We hypothesize that Epidiolex, when added […]

S02, Ep. 50: He runs Julian Marley's marijuana biz; He dabs distillates

Published: Mar 31, 2017, 9:18 am • Updated: Mar 31, 2017, 9:18 am By The Cannabist Staff Featured guests: JuJu Royal CEO Travis Belcher and Jim Biviano, founder of concentrates maker Ascend Industries, LLC. Podcast: Play in new window | Download LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Getting into the nitty gritty of strain genetics. •  […]

Science Researchers Discover Just Where Marijuana Gets Its Taste

Medical Cannabis

From earthy-flavored OG Kush to zesty Lemon Haze and skunky Sour Disel, there’s a plethora of flavor options for marijuana smokers in legal states to choose from when purchasing weed at their local dispensaries. Now researchers have identified the genes that give cannabis plants their differing tastes. Scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) recently discovered […]

CBE Press Announces Addition of Acting Managing Editor

Medical Cannabis

VIENNA, Virginia, April 3, 2017 – CBE Press LLC and CBC Group, the publishers of www.cannabisbusinessexecutive.com, its weekly newsletters and the new Cannabis Business Executive Conference series including www.cbec2018.com, announce the addition of Dave Hodes as acting managing editor. Hodes joins the CBE Press LLC team as business editor, writer and reporter for both the […]

Are High-End Vapes Worth the Expensive Price Tag?

This article is sponsored by DaVinci Vaporizer. DaVinci is a Las Vegas-based consumer technology company committed to delivering consciousness everywhere. DaVinci has consistently brought the most advanced portable vaporizers from mind to market. Where we’ve all seen these several-hundred-dollar vaporizers hitting the market over the last few years, we often find ourselves asking the question: […]

Cities Swap SWAT-Style Dispensary Raids for Softer Approach

In early March, police officers raided an establishment in Springfield, MA, that had been charging customers $20 for admission and then giving them “free” cannabis samples. But unlike raids that have taken place at many dispensaries around the country, the police didn’t bust down the door. They didn’t draw their guns—or order patrons and proprietors […]

Curbelo, Blumenauer Introduce Bill to Treat Legal Marijuana Businesses Fairly Under Tax Code

Medical Cannabis

Press Releases Washington, D.C. – Today, Representatives Carlos Curbelo (FL–26) and Earl Blumenauer (OR–3) introduced the Small Business Tax Equity Act of 2017, H.R. 1810. This legislation will amend Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code to allow marijuana businesses operating in compliance with state law to utilize common tax deductions and credits. Section 280E currently prohibits businesses that […]

Which Cannabis Conferences Are Beneficial to Your Business?

The business of legal cannabis is booming, and as interest in the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s no wonder that a wide range of cannabis conferences are popping up like weeds. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand your reach to more customers, an entrepreneur seeking new opportunities, or a firmly established organization making […]

Statewide Delivery to Launch in Massachusetts

BOSTON—Beginning next month, a Brockton-based medical marijuana dispensary will become the first in Massachusetts to provide same-day home delivery to card-carrying patients across the state. The move, first reported by the Boston Globe, is expected to ease access for limited-mobility patients and those who live far from the state’s few dozen dispensaries. Homebound patients have […]

Bipartisan Cannabis Reform Effort Unveiled in Congress

According to National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) executive director Aaron Smith, seven measures were introduced today at the Capitol, covering a variety of issues that, if signed into law, would ease many of the legal implications on the federal level affecting cannabis businesses in legal states currently. In a very important development, Rep. Carlos Curbelo […]

Vermont House Moves Legalization Bill Back to Committee

Vermont House Moves Legalization Bill Back to Committee Mar 30, 2017 H. 170, Human Services Committee, Vermont, VT On Tuesday, the Vermont House of Representatives appeared to be ready to pass H. 170, which would legalize marijuana possession and cultivation for adults. Unfortunately, instead of calling for a vote on the floor, House leaders decided […]

State of the Leaf: Tennessee Halts Decrim in Memphis & Nashville

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.  US News Tennessee Cannabis reform is often a bipartisan issue—see, for instance, the Congressional Cannabis Caucus—but once in a while the old Democratic-Republican stereotypes hold true. As they did this past week in Tennessee, sadly. Earlier this […]

13 Fantastic Women-Owned Dispensaries to Support

There’s a lot of discussion about diversity in the cannabis industry, but in terms of a gender gap, cannabis is actually more welcoming for female leaders than many other career paths. That said, there’s still a definite gap. The best way to help close it? Support the many fantastic female-owned businesses already out there. After […]

Cannabis Activity Tracking in California’s Cannabis Maze

What is the California market worth? Let’s look at what we know from 2016; Washington did just under $1.2 billion and Colorado did $1.3 Billion, both with roughly 2,500 licenses each. The two markets combined are worth $2.5 billion with 5,000 licensees; and 2019 California will be five times bigger? Ten times? On the low-end, […]

Las Vegas NORML Hits the Ground Running with Lobby Day

by Chris Thompson, Executive Director, Las Vegas NORMLMarch 30, 2017 The Board of Directors of the newly-formed Las Vegas NORML recently traveled to the Nevada State House to lobby lawmakers in support of protections for marijuana patients and advocates. Less than a month after forming Las Vegas NORML, the organization’s founding members provided testimony to the […]

New Senate Bill Would End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

The Weed Blog’s goal since Day 1 has been to help be a vehicle and network for discussion and political action for ending the prohibition of cannabis on the federal level in the United States.  When this crossed our desk this morning from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), we were thrilled […]

The sin that's not welcome in Sin City

By Aaron Smith LAS VEGAS (CNNMoney) — You can gamble and drink all you want on the Las Vegas Strip. But you can’t buy weed there — even though it’s legal in Nevada. The state voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana, which means it will eventually be sold in stores like alcohol. But it’s […]

March 30, 2017 – Hawaiian Cannabis Bills Gain Momentum in the House and Senate

by John McClain | March 30, 2017 Hawaii has several bills going through the state legislature that will bring new definitions and qualifying conditions to Hawaiian residents who wish to use medical cannabis. Senate Bill 174 and House Bill 1488 both propose to add autism, epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus and arthritis to the list of […]

West Virginia Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Medical Cannabis

SB 386, the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, is sponsored by Sen. Richard Ojeda (D-Logan). It would establish an independent 16-member West Virginia Medical Cannabis Commission, including medical professionals, law enforcement officials, and government agency representatives, to establish and oversee a state medical marijuana program. The commission would create patient ID cards, set fees, craft […]

Marijuana Treated Like Alcohol? Legislation Filed In Senate and House

by NORMLMarch 30, 2017 Senator Ron Wyden and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis have introduced legislation in the House and Senate — The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act — to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. In addition to removing marijuana from the United States Controlled Substances Act, […]

California Leads The Country in Marijuana Sales

Medical Cannabis

Literally anyone age 21 or over can buy marijuana in Colorado and Washington, and this has been well-known for years. California, despite the passage of Prop. 64 legalizing recreational cannabis use, still weeds out most buyers by requiring they have a Medical Marijuana ID card. That requirement will remain in place for at least the […]

Argentine Senate approves medical use of cannabis oil

(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko). Veronica Fuertes embraces her daughter Violeta Penalba, who suffers epilepsy, and is treated with marijuana, as they stand outside the Senate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The Senate is expected to… (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko). A woman holds a banner with a message that reads in Spanish: “Medicinal Cannabis, the […]