Colorado’s leading cannabis company teams up with patient advocates to offer ounces of high CBD cannabis for just $0.01 to qualified medical marijuana patients

DENVER—December 19, 2016 — LivWell Cares, the philanthropic arm of LivWell Enlightened Health, announced today that it will be sponsoring a promotion to provide ounces of high cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis to qualified medical patients for just one penny. The company is working with the founders of American Medical Refugees and the Cannability Foundation to identify medical marijuana patients in need to receive these ounces just in time for the holidays. Qualified patients can purchase their penny ounces at all LivWell Enlightened Health recreational locations starting Wednesday, December 21, while supplies last.

“It is my hope that these penny ounces might help bring some holiday cheer to thousands of families in need of medicine this holiday season,” said John Lord, owner and CEO of LivWell Enlightened Health. “We are honored to be working with such terrific organizations that have helped us identify deserving medical patients who will get the most benefit from this product.”

The organizations working with LivWell Enlightened Health represent a network of thousands of medical marijuana patients in Colorado. The company chose to promote this giveaway with the help of these organizations to ensure that the products reach those for whom they will make the biggest difference.

“No one should have to choose between buying food or the medicine they need, especially this time of year,” said Stacey Linn, Executive Director of CannAbility Foundation.

“Our patients came to Colorado in order to legally access the medicine they need for themselves and their families,” said Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran, founder of American Medical Refugees. “They have given up so much and are so financially drained. Providing this medicine to patients for just one penny will help improve the quality of life for thousands of patients this holiday season.”

This promotion marks the second time this year that LivWell Cares has sponsored a promotion to give away ounces of cannabis that are high in CBD, one of many non-psychoactive cannabinoids that have been shown to be useful for a number of medicinal purposes. Earlier this year LivWell Cares sponsored a promotion which gave away more than 8,000 high CBD ounces to Colorado veterans, resulting in more than $800,000 of product being sold for the nominal price of one penny. Colorado state law prohibits cannabis companies from giving medicated product away for free.

About LivWell Cares

LivWell Cares is LivWell Enlightened Health’s philanthropic and community engagement arm. LivWell Cares is designed to work hand in hand with the communities where we operate, both as good neighbors and as fully-involved partners in community development. Whether it’s neighborhood clean-up activities, charitable drives, participating in community events, or just being there to support our friends in need, we are committed to helping however we can. Because LivWell Cares.

About LivWell Enlightened Health

LivWell Enlightened Health is among Colorado’s largest cannabis companies, with fourteen locations across the state. LivWell Enlightened Health provides its patients and customers with the best value, quality and variety of cannabis products including flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, smoking accessories and more. LivWell Enlightened Health’s team of innovative farmers and scientists grow more than 40 strains of cannabis to meet the varied and evolving tastes of its customers. LivWell Enlightened Health’s searchable strain library can be found at LivWell Enlightened Health employees undergo rigorous training and education through LivWell University, preparing them to be the most knowledgeable, helpful budtenders in the industry, and to become advocates of responsible use. LivWell Enlightened Health employs approximately 600 Coloradans who enjoy higher-than-average salaries and benefits. For more information, including a list of LivWell Enlightened Health’s locations, visit

About American Medical Refugees Foundation

American Medical Refugees Foundation helps families that have relocated to Colorado from another state or country so that they or their loved one can become a medical marijuana patient and access cannabis legally for their condition or ailment.

About CannAbility Foundation

CannAbility was founded to provide support, resources, education and access to cannabis for parents of kids living with an illness or disability. CannAbility seeks to close the gap for parents seeking cannabis treatments for their kids living with an illness or disability. CannAbility was instrumental in securing the passage of Jack’s Law, named after Jack Splitt, which allows medical marijuana use on school campuses by patients.